When a premium domain is purchased , ReleasingDomain.Com always recommend through the easiest payment method via Wire Transfer .Since 2006 we provide fastest domain transfer process ensuring a safe, secure & efficient process for buyers.

Why Use Wire Transfer or Bank Wire ?

# No need fill your credit card/ debit card data. Your card is your wallet, so be careful and never share with other people wherever you buy . Choose wire transfer as legal payment and avoid using another method !

# Your personal data protected by your legal government. Protect your important data based government policy in your country

# Its safest payment method

# Accepted in all over the world

# Bank is legal institution and monitored by government in the world

# Your money is safe and trust by millions people in the world

# Secure and efficient process for every domain buyers in the world

100 % Safest Service Payment Method For All Buyer Since 2006

Simple Step To Buy Domain From Us :

# Fill Form Order

# Follow Payment Instruction

# Make Payment via Wire Transfer

# Send your payment proof immediately

# Our billing team would verify your payment proof

# When your payment has successfully verified

# Then we transfer / push Domain and Deliver To You In Minute

– # We recommend on push domain for instant domain transfer

# Or you could ask our team Auth Code to transfer out to different Registrar

Our Service Only Suitable For Serious Buyer